The DIY auto mechanic (sometimes called a shade tree or backyard mechanic), has the opportunity to gain a lot through working on his or her own vehicles. The three greatest advantages of being your own mechanic are:
1. You can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over your vehicle's life span by maintaining or repairing it yourself.
2. You will come to intimately know your vehicle, inside and out, and will learn how to get the most out of your vehicle.
3. You will gain valuable mechanic skills and become more self sufficient in maintaining what is quite possibly one of the largest monetary investments you have.
I currently have three main Automotive How-To sub categories: Maintenance, Repair and Inspection/Identification. Maintenance articles cover general automotive maintenance items. Articles filed under Repair will cover items that are generally not maintenance items or, in some cases, are vehicle customizations. Inspection/Identification articles are for getting more familiar with what the various systems and parts are in a car.


Relevant Sites
There is a lot of information about all aspects of cars on the internet. Here are some external links in addition to those at the bottom of this web site that may help you in any car-related internet quest you may be on:

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