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About us? How-To Matthew is primarily written by me, Matthew, but it would not be possible without the help of my wife. Our passion for remodeling, renovating, and fixing fully blossomed with the purchase of our first house, but for me, the passion started long before then.

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in creating. Starting in kindergarten, I was known as one of the most artistic kids. I even used recess to create knick-knacks or drawings and then I would sell them to my fellow classmates.

My early creative nature was heavily influenced by the economic circumstances surrounding our family as I was growing up. We had to be fairly frugal for our parents to raise us six children and send us all through college. Looking back, our simple lifestyle was a true blessing because it taught us how to be content with life without material goods and how to be self sufficient.

I now work as a full time graphic designer for a printing company (shameless plug: contact me if you need any graphic design work done!) but manage to find time to work on our house, yard, and vehicles. Since I never had any formal training in automotive or shop environments, I have had to learn everything on my own. This is why I have created How-To Matthew, to help the people out there who, like me, want to do it ourselves but who may not have the professional background of a mechanic or contractor.

Both my wife and I hope you enjoy this site and find it most helpful in your do-it-yourself adventures!

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